Well, it’s been so long since I have stopped and looked around what was actually going on around me. With the people I am around, with the people I care about. We often don’t realize how fast-paced our life becomes when we are so merged with it and running as fast as we can to keep up, to be the first one. We become aloof, life becomes monotonous, families start falling apart, children become disobedient and love becomes scarce yet we don’t try to find the reason behind all that ; we just get so engrossed in our race to win that we don’t care what is happening, the sand just slips away like that!

You must wonder now why am I thinking about all this while surrounded by this lush greenery ; sitting on the porch with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee and my gorgeous wife while my kids play house in the front yard. All I can see, all I can feel is just this serenity; birds chirping, sweet smell of pollution free air and peace. This is exactly what we didn’t know we needed. This, is exactly what everyone has to experience once in a while. Being away from your routine, from hustle and bustle of your usual fast paced life , actually having conversations with your family , giving time to your kids, getting to know their secrets, forming new bonds and of course, long walks with your wife!

Now all of you must be curious about where I am, correct?  Lo and Behold : One of the most beautiful places snuggled in the arms of mother Earth – Ratnagiri !

Ratnagiri is a city with ancient and historical backbone situated in the southern region of Maharashtra.  And it is a beautiful property in Kokan region. Ratnagiri comes with a tremendous historical legacy attached with it. The places that bear witness to such events have become tourist attractions over the years which we’ll know later in the piece. Ratnagiri is blessed to be surrounded by Arabian Sea on all three of its sides as a result of its position along the coastal region of Maharashtra. Behind the natural magnificence of this place, its geographical location plays a major role. In addition to its wide range of breathtaking beaches, magnificent forts, lip smacking food and ancient temples, this city is also blessed with glorious amount of flora and fauna. If you are a trek and adventure enthusiast, Ratnagiri will offer you so much more to climb on and dive into.

Well, who wouldn’t want to have a place to be in a city like this, right? That is precisely why we have come up with these properties in Ratnagiri to meet every demand and satiate every requirement you’ll have. You can buy 1bhk and 2bhk flat in Ratnagiri. You can also have commercial property in Ratnagiri. Apart from that, we also have NA plots in Ratnagiri to cater to the booming real estate in Ratnagiri; all thanks to its rapidly growing tourism. Let’s see the most visited attractions around Ratnagiri and, since you are here, we’ll let you in on some of the hidden gems of Ratnagiri as well.

  • Ganapatipule Beach

Located on the Konkan coastline in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra, the Ganpatipule Beach is literally stunning. This place is mainly famous for the 400-year-old Ganesha Temple that can be found here. The idol of Lord Ganesha is said to have been self-created and it was discovered over 1600 years ago. Ganpatipule Beach is blessed with a coastline that is no doubt spectacular and mesmerizing. This coastline is home to a variety of exquisite beauty of nature, which includes dense coconut trees and mangroves to name a couple.

Because of such a picturesque landscape and also the serene surroundings, Ganapatipule beach makes for an ideal getaway from the monotonous and hectic daily life of the people of Pune, Mumbai and the neighboring metro cities. Not only that, this is a perfect place to visit for families, couples as well as group of friends.
Luckily, the Ganpatipule Beach continues to remain a pristine location till date. All thanks to the fact that it has not yet been affected much by commercialization and industries. The beach continues to attract thousands of people from all across the country, who get together at the beach in abundance to enjoy some quiet moments in the lap of nature, all year round.

  • Swayambhu Ganpati Temple

ganapatipule temple

A 400-year-old Ganapati temple which is believed to be Swayambhu is made of monolith that is however white sand and is believed to be a self-created idol of Lord Ganapati, allegedly discovered 1600 years past.

You can hear the pulsing beats coming back from the temple early within the morning and evenings once the idol is being dressed. The temple attracts heaps of tourists particularly throughout the Hindu festivals of Diwali and Ganeshotsav which generally fall within the month of October or November.

  • Jaigad Fort

Jaigad Fort, conjointly referred to as the Fort of triumph, could be a 16th-century fort that extends over a neighborhood of thirteen acres within the coastal region of Ratnagiri. Geographically speaking, it is settled close to Jaigad Village and more or less twenty kilometers to the north-west of Ganpatipule. The remains of the fort stand steady on a drop-off dominating the Jaigad creek wherever River Shastri enters the huge and mesmerizing Arabian sea. Jaigad Fort is Associate in Nursing engineering marvel for the aim it absolutely was designed. A look at the splendid structure before you enter can amaze you for sure.

Jaigad Fort is taken into account  as one of the chief ports on the Western Coast of India. Considering the limited availability of resources they had at the time, the intelligence and brilliance with which the whole plan was put together in the era the Jaigad Fort was built in is really commendable. Now, the fort is considered under the Archaeological Survey of India and the ruins are studied by them as well.

  • Jaigad Lighthouse

The Jaigad Lighthouse is strategically situated in one of the bastion on the western edge of the Jaigad Fort. As it is situated on top of a hill, this impressive lighthouse offers breathtaking panoramic view of the area.

  • Thibaw Point

Thibaw Palace is situated at the hem of the hill and the location is called as the Thibaw point. Thibaw palace was built as the exile of the king of Burma(Myanmar). Even the way to get to Thibaw Point is mesmerizing and it provides a beautiful picturesque view of the sunset at Arabian sea and is a centre of attraction for backpackers and picnickers.

  • Malgund

Malgund; the name itself does justice to the marvelous beauty it holds. This is the native village of Kavi Keshavsoot who is a famous Marathi poet. The poet’s house is now converted into a student’s hostel.     It is also open for visits for the curious travelers and ardent readers. The Marathi Sahitya Parishad has built a memorial to the poet which is also housed by this village.

  • Ratnadurga Fort

Ratnadurg fort is surrounded by Arabian Sea on its three sides. The Fort is a structure in a form of horseshoe which is as wide as 1000 meters and as long as up to 1300 meters. It is magnificently spread over 120 acres and was once a strong identifier of the Maratha empire which was unfortunately snatched over by the Mughals later on.

However, it gives you a splendid view of the sunset. You can enjoy the Arabian Sea with sounds of waves crashing the shore. If you are lucky, you can also get glimpses on Dolphins making this a memorable trip far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Water Sports In Ganapatipule

Make sure that you do visit Ganpatipule beach in Ratnagiri, if adventure sports get your adrenaline pumping. This destination has its wide assortment of various water sports. You can also call this destination is a daredevil’s paradise, like literally. MTDC has arranged these facilities here and they are in function from month of November to May.

Ganpatipule calls out to the younger generation with its wide array of water sports fun activities for solo and group travelers. You can put your strength to the test with row-boating here, which is an absolute exciting ride in the beach water. Motorboats and water scooters are there to help you skim through the sea water. And trust us, it will surely give you the James Bond feels! Or else, you can always go banana boating with friends or family and enjoy a thoroughly unique bonding experience. All in all, this marks for an exhilarating experience indeed!

  • Bhatye Beach

For a relaxing holiday, the Bhatye beach is a long stretch of peaceful and clean beach ideal. Bhatye is a small village close to Ratnagiri city which is popular for its generous flat sea showers. It is blessed with 1.5 kilometers of coastline and it is flat and straight and clear. You can see The Ratnagiri light house and the famous Madavi beach of Ratnagiri city from here.

You’ll get splendid experience about the diverse cultures and traditions of Ganapatipule from this trip to Bhatye beach. You can just laze around, play beach ball and football in the sand or go around for morning walks barefoot in the sand. You can go collect shells or just bask in the beauty of this beach. One can’t forget to visit the Kohinoor to see the sunrise or sunset as it is a sight which will leave you captivated and stunned.

  • Aarey Vaarey Beach

The Aare vaarey Beach is a beach that displays nature in her best form. It is mostly quiet and often left unexplored. Nonetheless, it is one of the most scenic destinations in entire Maharashtra. This beach is surrounded by lush greenery. Most importantly, it is reputed for being completely garbage free. This is a go-to place for natural detox and a must try for photographers.