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About Konkan 

dream home in konkan

Your Dream Home in Konkan 

Ocean; everyone loves the breeze, the waves & the sunset. But some of you must want to wake up and go to sleep to this amazing feeling everyday! Well, for those brilliant souls, we have Kokanvastu to provide best choices for a second home around (any area surrounding ratnagiri/bhatye/guhagar beaches)

Maharashtra’s 720-km. coastline and the adjoining area or ‘Konkan’ as it is called, extends from Dahanu in the north up to Goa in south. Konkan is well known for its natural beauty and is fast emerging as a favorite tourist destination for tourists. Konkan’s greenery, coconut trees, beautiful virgin beaches, waterfalls, mountains and lush green valleys will definitely provide a rich and pleasant experience for the traveler.

Tourism in Konkan is developing very fast. Tourists from Maharashtra now prefer to visit Konkan because of several reasons like close vicinity, Easy accessibility due to better roads and Konkan railway. The economic accommodation and overall lower costs for visiting previously unexplored places is an added attraction.

Konkan Culture and People

This region is a naturally gifted area of the state. The people are literate and generally well off. They are a generally peace loving people who are helpful and friendly towards Tourists. They depend mainly upon fishing and farming for their livelihood and nowadays some are making their living with the help of growing Tourism in the area. The areas of Devgad, Dapoli and Ratnagiri are famous for its Alphonso mangoes and also a lot of fish are exported from Ratnagiri port.

Ganesh Chaturthi & Other Festivals of Konkan

The Konkani People are a hearty and festive people by nature. Their love for celebration is deeply rooted in their culture and it finds its expression through the various festivals celebrated throughout the year.

Some of the Main Festivals celebrated in the Konkan area are: Diwali, Dassera, Gudhi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi, Narali poornima, Holi, Nag Panchami and Makar Sankranti.

Languages Spoken

Marathi and Malvani are main languages spoken here and Hindi & English is understood by many.

Climate in Konkan

Maximum temperature of 37 degrees. and Minimum temperature of about 15 degrees. Rainfall is from 300 mm up to 900 mm in the monsoon.

Best times to visit Konkan

The Konkan coastline is situated in the tropical region. The average temperatures are in the 30 degrees throughout the year. It  can go up to 40 degrees in May and October. The whole region is Humid and there is heavy Rainfall from June to September.